Is your computer acting strangely? Is it taking forever to start up or access the Internet? Are you getting error messages….and what do they really mean?

It can be hard to tell what is at fault. Is it normal or a sign of something serious?

You want someone to resolve the problem quickly. That is where I come in.


What Are My Skills?

I come to your home or office and trouble-shoot the problem. I listen carefully to your concern..calmly and patiently. My wide-ranging knowledge allows me to see the big picture and offer solutions that go beyond your immediate issue issues.

I help clients:

  • Fix issues with an existing computer…especially computers that are slow or exhibiting unusual behaviors
  • Select and set up a new computer systems to fit your needs and budget
  • Set up all the additional things that make a computer useful – email, printers, wi-fi, networks, smartphones
  • Provide tutoring on how to use the computer to accomplish a task
  • Resolve emergencies that bring your computing world to a halt

What is My Style?

Your computer is important to your participation in today’s world. I want to help you past that feeling that you will never “get it” even though you are interested in learning.

While you might be able to search Google or ask friends for solutions to your computer problems, the complexity of some issues makes it difficult to even formulate the right question.

I love problem-solving and enjoy teaching people new skills. You contact me with a problem you want resolved and I place an emphasis on helping you learn what is most important to you in the moment. We work together to find a solution that that is effective and comfortable to you.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I enjoy having you look over my shoulder – I invite it. My approach is focused, but at the same time, relaxed. I offer advice in plain English. I find it far more effective than techno-babble. With you, and everyone in your family, I emphasize the personal connection by being consistent and a good communicator. I like my clients to think of me as they would a trusted friend, who cares about them and wants to build a relationship.